Warranty & Returns

Returns and Warranty

Your item/s are backed with 30 days return policy.  We will not accept returns without written authorization from us in advance.  You may return any unopened Brand New product within 30 days of your product's shipping date.  Shipping and handling charges are not covered.  Please note that all returns must have an order number.

You may return defective product/s (after we receive the order number) for credit or exchange within 15 days from the date of shipment.  If part of the product is defective, please return the whole product.  If one of these items are not met, there will be a restocking fee.  

Warranty is voided if serial tags, receiving numbers, product stickers, or manufacturer seals have been removed, altered or tampered with.  Warranty is voided due to mishandling, improper use, or defacing a product.

Returns for wrong orders

If you receive a different product other than the one you ordered, we will send the correct product to you and we will pay for the shipping expenses. Contact us within 48 hours of shipping date.

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